Know you coat patterns and colours

We all love the tabby cat but there are 4 different types of tabby and each type comes in 7 different colours, as you will see below. The four tabby patterns are Classic, Spottie, Mackrel

 and ticked tabby. First of all lets look at the Silver Classic tabby. The best way for me to describe the silver, it is the white back ground in all the coat colours below.

Tabbtasia Rich-Jay-Benn ( Willow )

This is the black Silver Classic tabby, note the circle in the middle of the cat, some people call this the oyster, also notice the distinctive white back ground known as silver.

The Blue Silver Classic Tabby, although she looks grey the correct name given to this colour is blue. The fur appears blue because each hair is stripped down from root to tip in the colours white and black, this gives each hair its appearence of being blue.

In the domestic cat world we would call this ginger, but this is know as red. The Red Silver Classic Tabby. Note that the circle in the middle is some what brocken this is because not all classics are perfect and most tabby cats coat pattern will not be fully developed untill 18mths  to 2 years old.

And here we have the Cream Silver Classic Tabby. Some breeders will also refer this as being  the dilute red. Note his oyster is very clear.

Tabbtasia Cassic Delight ( kitty-Lee )

You are now looking at what we call a Blue Cream Tortie Silver Tabby. Some breeder will call this a Dilute tortie or torbie. Note the blue, cream and silver colours but also quite visible is the circle in the middle of the cat.

Adzwosh Alice-Frann-Benn ( franny )

Note the black Red and silver colours, and again the oyster. Black Tortie Silver Tabby ar sometimes known as the Torbie. as well as the tabby markings  needing 18mths  to 2 years to develop also the red will get clearer as time goes on.

Brown Tabby

 See the difference between the silver and the brown tabby

The Spotted Tabby

Below you will see again all the colours only this time its the spottie or spotted tabby, hover your cursor over the pictures to see what colour each one is.

Black Tortie Spotted Tabby

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