Dry Food (Buscuits)

Royal Canin and Hills Vet Essentials kitten is what we are using for all our cats and kittens.

This is left down at all times so that kittens and queens can eat when ever they like, cast are natrual grazers, They can also eat as much as they like.

 The Royal Canin Kitten BSH second stage is what you need to buy when getting ready for your kitten to come home.

Hills Science Plan Adult and kitten chicken is what we some times use and have used mainly in the past, however we do use Natures Best or Arden Grange also if some litters find Science plan too rich.

Kittens should be given the kitten version untill they are 12 months old.

wet meat

Adult or kitten wet meat is given to our kittens to encourage them to eat, take in fluids and to give them a variety as the kitten version can be too rich, however both adult and kitten is used. Remember the Hills science plan and Royal Canin is their main food and the wet meat is the appetiser.


Both types of litters are used, Sand based clay and wood pellets.

This is a clay based sandy type litter and clumps very well, after a kitten has urinated it formes a ball like shape that is so hard it can be picked up with out leaving any dirty litter behind, its good for hygene i do recomend it. If your going to use other types then you will need to wean the kitten slowly. Any clay type litters will be ok for your kitten this is because it will feel the same under their paws as you will see in the photo

We also use wood pellets and again any good qulity type wood pellet will be good for your kitten.

Coat Care

The british short hair needs grooming just as much as the next cat at least once or twice a week with a comb to remove dead and loose fur and use the soft dandy brush or slicker as much as you like, your cat will think she is being licked clean.

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